This report focuses on the migration dynamics across the island of Hispaniola and the prospects for more just policies being drawn up and implemented to ensure better governance of human mobility.  



The short-term and longer-term impacts of the Haiti earthquake in 2010 are examined, and obstacles to and opportunities for developing a rights-based agenda are noted. Additionally, attention is drawn to the increasing difficulties faced by descendants of Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic who are considerably challenged in trying to claim their right to Dominican nationality. The civil society pro-migrant movement across the island is discussed. Finally, recommendations are provided for advancing the realisation of the rights of migrants and their descendants across the island.

Reference: Kaare Kristensen and Bridget Wooding. 2013. Haiti / Dominican Republic - Upholding the rights of immigrants and their descendants. Report, 25 October. Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF).


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