Authors: Allison J. Petrozziello and Bridget Wooding

Haitian women and girls experience multiple forms of violence on the Dominican-Haitian border...

whether as migrants, cross-border traders, or displaced persons following the 2010 Haiti earthquake.International media have drawn attention to sexual violence against women in internal displacement camps in Haiti, unintentionally diverting the public gaze from other, equally grave scenarios, such as the situation of women and girls who cross the border.


This qualitative study places survivors’ own accounts at the center of its analysis, in order to make visible the typologies of violence against them. It also focuses on the perpetrators, institutional response, and existing gaps in protection and services, with a view to ending violence against the fanm nan fwontyè, fanm toupatou (women on the border, women everywhere) in the Dominican Republic.


Reference: Petrozziello, A. and B. Wooding. 2012. Fanm nan fwontyè, Fanm toupatou: Making visible the violence against Haitian migrant, in-transit and displaced women on the Dominican-Haitian border. Colectiva Mujer y Salud, Mujeres del Mundo, and Observatory Migrants of the Caribbean. Editora Búho: Santo Domingo.


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